Why is the Solarium so valuable?

Due to the attitude of the horses in stables, not enought spout and times on gras, movement in the manege, we reduce the necessary natural sunlight of our horses very strongly. But horses need a lot of light like steep animals. UV rays promote growth and are involved in bone formation and muscle metabolism (formation of vitamin D in the skin), as well as increased red blood cells (same exercise effect). UV rays enhance the immune system, thus increasing resistance to infectious diseases, promoting the body's own antibodies, stabilizing circulation, increasing power reserves.


Through the tanning a better wound healing is achieved. UV rays disinfect viruses, bacteria and bacteria. Hormone balance is activated and leads to higher performance in stallions. In mares, through vitamin D3 formation, fertility and susceptibility increase naturally in a natural way. The sinker is heated and unloaded.


Lack of daylight causes anemia in both horses and humans. This means less oxygen transport, but also a reduced performance of the muscles, as the carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed. More water is stored (anti-training effect). Large windows in the stable promote the horse's well-being, but they do not replace daylight because they absorb the UV rays.