The Osflow "Tajchi for horses"

The Osflow® can not be compared to conventional training devices (Vibration Floor) for muscle strengthening or relaxation. The Osflow training is more about the so-called "EUTONUS" well-being in the muscles and fascia.

  • Improved centering + Balance
  • Earthquake through robustness - Safety and fall prophylaxis - Improved motion potential for the entire body
  • Solving adhesions in the muscle and facial tissues - synchronizing whole muscles in well-being
  • More flexibility and stability in the spine - enhanced agility and coordination
  • General metabolic activation - increased metabolic activity on and in the legs
  • Centering of mental states - Harmonization and relaxation of the entire nervous system u.a. for voltage reduction
  • Inner calm and outer relaxation - self-sufficient and internal security
  • More vitality and performance - a sense of flow in any case

In that movie you will understand what will happen and how to influence it. We have the same great result with the horses and therefore there will be an Osflow with us.