Equikinetic® "Training with system, brillant simple, simple brillant"

"The lack of muscles in a horse is quiet, slow but a sure death!" (Horst Becker)


Equikinetic® is an effective training program for building muscles, helping horses with their natural obliquity, enhancing alignment + balance + coordination + ridingability.

We are also recommended by the veterinarians and the cheese patch for injured + rehab horses.

Horses work in an exactly 8 square meter vol, in continuous internal position, we work with interval training and regular frequent handouts, to train both sides evenly.


"It's easier to teach a horse to be ridden, than to teach a rider to ride!" (Michael Geitner)


Dualactivation® is much more than just riding through blue and yellow foam. Dualactivation® enable the brain of the horses to switch back and forth faster between brain halves. Everything the horses have seen and learned can be saved faster. Everything starts with balance in the brain, it is a prerequisite for optimal learning and thus for an optimally trained horse. Constant right / left changes, bending, straightening and concentration, help the horse to improve its balance and coordination. The horses are straight, through increased body awareness, react more relaxed in stressful situations and improve muscle growth.

THE Equiband® SYSTEM

The Equiband® system consists of a saddlepad and two separate lengths of Equiband® that are attached to the saddlepad. The saddlepad is available in Pony, Small, Regular, Large and Western sizes. The saddlepad is made up of a wool/felt mix and is machine-washable. It is ergonomically shaped to prevent any restriction in the wither or lower back regions. The clips that attach Equiband® to the saddlepad are designed for durability and safety. The saddle pad is designed for use with jumping, dressage and western saddles.

The Equiband® itself is made of latex-free rubber, specifically designed for use on horses. The Equiband® system uses either one or both bands on the horse; one shorter band attaches the left side of the saddle pad to the right, passing under the abdomen (abdominal band or AB). The band sits well behind the rider's leg. Its function is to stimulate the abdominal musculature during locomotion. The abdominal musculature supports the horse's back. The position of this band is especially indicated for horses that have recovered from a colic surgery, have poor (inverted) posture and in clinical cases such as diagnosed conditions of the back including 'kissing spines'.

The second and longer Equiband® attaches at an oblique angle from the left side of the saddle pad to the right, passing under the tail behind the horse's hindquarters (hindquarter band or HQ). It will settle in the point of least resistance, above the hock and just below the level of the stifle. Its function is to make the horse aware of the position of his hind limbs in locomotion and to enhance proprioception. The position of this band is especially indicated for horses with asymmetrical hind limb movement, poor engagement and poor development of major muscle groups such as biceps femoris (which is associated with movement) as well as horses recovering from diagnosed musculoskeletal or neurological (EPM) conditions.

The two lengths of Equiband® are delivered pre-threaded but will need to be adjusted for each horse as per instructions below. If the bands are only used on one horse it is advisable to trim the ends of the band with scissors after fitting and adjustment. If the band is used on multiple horses the fit and adjustment needs to be checked prior to use. Additional bands may also be purchased through the Equicore office.

Your Equiband® system comes complete with saddle pad, two pre-threaded sets of Equiband® (two shorter abdominal bands and two longer hindquarter bands), as well as a tape measure and userssential to follow the guide on how to fit and use the Equiband® system.

PONY 20" spine/16" drop
fits up to 12hh/120cm
SMALL 21" spine/18" drop
fits 12hh/120cm - 14.3hh/148cm
REGULAR 23" spine/21" drop
fits 15hh/150cm - 16.2hh/165cm
LARGE 25" spine/22" drop
fits over 16.3hh/168cm
WESTERN 29" spine/21" drop