Aquatraining is good for injured and healthy horses

The horse will train first in walk and can be increased to trot at the water height suitable for the horse - the water is adjustable up to 1.2m. We start working with the horses with the water over the forehead and increase slightly after several times for become more efficient. Speed and water height can be adjusted if necessary for tougher exercise.

The training is controlled, therefore the horse does not need to work on the band for a long time, to build fitness and greater muscle mass. We offer between 20-30 minutes each time.


The horse is in the correct position and gets a balanced walk. As a result, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments are trained and constructed in the same way as ground training, but with less strain. This allows the horse to go on the water tap despite damage.


Aquatraining promotes and improves:

☆ the balance, which gives better walk and allthough better steps

☆ increases fitness, resulting in increased stamina and performance

☆ strengthens the back muscles

☆ creates better underpinning

☆ Provides correct posture

☆ Strengthens the heart

☆ And help prevention


A strong and well-trained horse, has less risk of being injured. Aquatraining is a good complement to the usual exercise. Scientific evidence has shown that training on water tapes reduces rehabilitation time by up to 60%.

With minimal strain, the horse becomes strong and well-trained during his rehabilitation period. The water resistance makes the horse work concentrated and without "cheating". The horse works equally and straightforwardly.

The most important part of getting the horse healthy after injuries, such as inflammation, analyzing what caused the problem, and giving it the correct convalescence and exercise. We work with veterinarians to get your horse back as fast as possible after an injury.

All horses are different, when you come with your horse we go through the horse together and put up an exercise program. We always start carefully and increase the amount as your horse is ready.

About Aquatraining and why we could really make Champions
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The video is made by FORMAX and they work with ICELANDER aquatrainer. Here you can understand why it is so valuable to practice his horse in the Aquaträneren. (