Private lesson or in a group

  • Natural Horsemanship
  • Groundwork (Communikation between Horse&Human)
  • Ridden Dualaktivation
  • Equikinetic
  • Liberty
  • Training of young horses
  • Tolerance- and loading Training
  • Horses with problems or REHA horses

During the individual lessons, as well as during the group lessons, we will be working according to your wishes and follow your goals. This way the training will be accommodated to your individual needs.

Horse in Training

Horse accommodated for days/weeks/1-3 months/vacation

I can offer you:


Training of young horses, breaking in young horse, working with problem horses, loading Training, free work/Liberty or you wish to go on vacation but you would simultaneously want your horse to be trained, then I can take in your horse as a hotel guest + Training.

  • Do you need help, to get of to a good start with your young horse?
  • Would you like your horse to be safe and reliable for riding?
  • Are you stuck, or are you having difficulties in your everyday interaction?
  • Loading is it a constant nuisance

My aim is actually quite simple: It means that your horse should have to learn, four basic pillars.


Accept the human as a friend and partner

Learn to use your mind in order to be effective in stressful situations

Accept the human on the back as a passenger and heard leader, thereby improving communication between horse and human

Strengthen and refine self-confidence


If the building stands on these 4 pillars, it is stable and we can move on to precession.

Course 1

Equikinetic & ridden Dualactivation

In this 1 till 2 day course you'll learn why and for what the Equikinetic and Ridden Dualactivation is so valuable and your training is enriched with positive results.

No matter if you are a recreational horse, show horse or rehab horse, this training is effective and promotes the health of our horses.

  •     Anatomy of the horse
  •     How horses understand, see and think
  •     Why blue-yellow
  •     Training plans, time system and interval
  •     Positioning by the horse, who moves whom
  •     How does this work?
  •     Equipment
  •     +4 lessons

Course 2

Natural Horsmanship Beginner (Groundwork)

  • Learning the basic pillars of horsemanship.
  • Building a friendly relationship
  • Who moves whom (hindquarters, forehand, bend)
  • We move forward together
  • A different type of lunging
  • Learning to turn backwards
  • Side passages
  • Training tolerance

If you and your horse can complete all of these tasks together, then you have laid a solid foundation for a perfect partnership and the doors are now wide open in all directions.


If you want to learn more, I would like to invite you to book the 2.Course.

Course 3

Natural Horsemanship Intermediate (Groundwork+Riding)

This part is about further precision and increase quality, after a relationship has been established. Within this Training, we will be working with proximity and distance. The distance will increase, the questions will become more focused and the implementation will become more precise. Trail work/Obstacle course work.

In this course we will also take on the topic of natural riding and how to act/direct from the back of our horse.

  • Teach
  • Control
  • Strengthen
  • Refine

Course 4

Natural Horsemanship Advanced (Groundwork+Riding)

This course takes us closer to free work and starts with free lunging and Liberty work. Here you can expect a level system, to prepare you and your horse for free work.

First of all, we develop the trust and understanding regarding the robe and then, when all remedies have been removed, we are able to benefit from the foundation we have laid.

  • Backhand preparation
  • Forehand preparation
  • Follow
  • Gaits
  • Free reverse
  • Free lunging

Course 5


On this day, I will show you how we can turn loading your horse into a collaborative interaction. Here you will learn to understand the needs of your horse, which must be recognized. Only when you are understanding, calm and patient, you will be able to obtain your goal.


-Stress free loading-


If you want to go on vacation or if you have a professional engagement and you want to make sure your horse is taken care of, you can leave your horse with me. The horse is welcome as a hotel guest and the all-inclusive package can be booked with or without Training sessions.